Darren McMullen - guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo, bouzouki, whistles, flute, vocals
Rachel Davis - fiddle, viola, vocals
Jason Roach - piano
Chrissy Crowley - fiddle

Còig's music is a unique combination of influences that could only come from these four players. It's traditional for sure, but it's performed in a lot of non-traditional ways. "We all come from sort of a traditional background, but then we have different influences that we're interested in," explains fiddler and singer Rachel Davis. "Jason has a jazz degree, and listens to a lot of different music. Chrissy likes to dive into a lot of world music, Darren comes from a kind of Irish theme from playing around. More of the traditional Cape Breton music is really what I love, plus all the folk songs, so it's an interesting mix.”

That leads to the other magic ingredient in Còig. It’s a band of fast friends, people who grew up together, played together, and knew each other way before they ever considered being in a band together.

The group recently won a 2018 East Coast Music Award and was recognized with a JUNO Award nomination and Canadian Folk Music Award. With a combined total of over 30 group and solo awards and nominations, the four members of the band are well respected players in the Celtic world.

The best in traditional music, in a non-traditional way. That's Còig.

"Trust me, there was no shortage of powerful workouts that held true to the raucous music that has rattled the roofs of kitchens in the East Coast for generations. You don’t sweep award nominations by being slackers, and there was not a single instrument lagging on that stage over the course of their dynamic showcase. Over two sets, Còig allowed for far too many highlights to isolate any single one in particular, but a Gaelic singalong proved pretty popular with the audience members. Darren McMullen switched frequently from banjo to bouzouki, Rachel Davis and Chrissy Crowley were a blur of seated step-dancing and fiery fiddles. I never did get to see the whites of Jason Roach’s eyes at any point during the show, but with the intensity and speed he was banging on the white AND black keys of his piano, the sound folks had to quickly tape his keyboard to the stage, lest it inadvertently join the nervous fans in the front row." - Dan St.Yves, The Calgary Herald

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