Student Bursaries

The Sid Williams Theatre Society (SWTS) bursary award is an annual financial award given to students of the theatre arts. Our bursary award is guided by the SWTS mandate, core values, and our strategic objective to educate. We are investing in the future of our community theatre and the theatre industry in British Columbia and Canada.

A minimum award of $500 per approved recipient will be given out each year – to be determined by the Sid Williams Theatre Society (SWTS) bursary committee.

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Students: How To Apply

Applicants must provide the SWTS bursary committee with the following information:

A completed bursary application form (see bottom of page),
Completed bursary application forms provided by the applicant’s school,
An application letter under the "Special Criteria" section below.

Application information must be submitted to the SWTS bursary committee (which may be forwarded via the applicant’s school) on or before April 15, 2024.

Applicants are encouraged to attach letters of reference supporting the criteria below.



Preferred indicators of commitment:

We recognize that COVID-19 may have disrupted cultural volunteer time or training; applicants are asked to indicate any cultural volunteer efforts or training over the last 2 years, or apply under "Special Criteria" below.


Special Criteria

Applicants submitting a special criteria letter may be contacted by the SWTS bursary committee for more information.


How The Committee Will Rank Applicants

If the basic criteria are met, but the number of applicants exceeds the funds available, the SWTS bursary committee will use the following considerations to select finalists/recipients:

1. Financial need
2. Number of volunteer/training/practice hours above the minimum
3. Number of years of theatre-arts commitment above the minimum 2 years
4. Strength of reference letters
5. Strategic or developmental merit (underserved genre/demographic/skill area)
6. GPA and/or academic merit


Applicants selected to receive an award will be notified through bursary award presentation processes at each school. Special criteria applicants will be notified directly in a timely fashion, and will be given appropriate recognition to the SWTS membership and/or other participating organizations.

Applicants not selected to receive an award will be notified in writing by the SWTS bursary committee.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.


Bursary Application Form

The bursary application deadline is April 15, 2024.