Triple Heat Unwrapped in Wonderland

Triple Heat Unwrapped in Wonderland
Unwrapped in Wonderland, shared through dance and song, is the perfect Christmas story for all ages.

The scene opens to a Christmas Eve party taking place, however now that Alice is a little older, she finds herself questioning what Christmas truly means to her. She drifts off and dreams of where Christmas could be. Upon hearing a noise, Alice wakes to see a jolly man in red placing presents under her tree and follows him into the dream world of Wonderland. Here each magical and quirky character eagerly offers Alice their opinions about what Christmas is and where it can be found. Ultimately, Alice discovers that Christmas is all around her: in music and laughter, family, and decorations and Alice's hope in all that Christmas stands for is restored.

This story, shared through song and dance, is sure to get both young and older children into the Christmas spirit. Join Alice on her journey to discover what the essence of Christmas is truly about.

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