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The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Entertaining Children. How Tough Can It Be?

Like many actors, Jeff Leard spent two years in a children’s theatre company, playing countless gymnasiums across Canada. His own outrageous adventures of performing Rumpelstiltskin in front of students who wet themselves or get up on stage to help the actors is mixed in with his travels across Canada in winter. Along the way, they meet uptight teachers, condescending politicians, and a misinformed biker gang who visit them in a cheap, roadside motel. This is a high energy, hilarious, road trip adventure that has a hard won and happy ending that is totally worth it.

“One of the all time great fringe performances I’ve ever witnessed” – Calgary Herald

This is one of those special shows that comes by every once in a while that has something special in it that affects everyone. We can all recognize the passion, the ambition, the learning curve and the realities of a performers life. A very sympathetic, fun adventure with one of the most heart-warming endings you will ever see.

A graduate of the University of Victoria, Jeff lived in Toronto when not on the road and is now living in Vancouver and continuing to write, develop new shows, and act. Most recently, Jeff starred in The Call Went Out. A show developed around letters from WW1 soldiers which toured BC and is being filmed for the Royal BC Archives and the Story Theatre Company.