Sid Williams Theatre

Spidey Make Believe - Magic Of Your Mind

Spidey Make Believe - Magic Of Your Mind

Spidey, internationally acclaimed mentalist, has captivated the minds of people around the world on with his tours across North America, five international TV shows and 10+ million online viewers.

This top Canadian mentalist has conquered the stages of America’s Got Talent and was named US Mentalist of the Year 2017. As a Hollywood consultant, he has consulted and performed for major celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey, Simon Cowell, Neil Patrick Harris, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Penn & Teller and many more.

Spidey will perform his much-anticipated mind-reading show that has been a success on TV networks like NBC, FOX, Discovery, NETFLIX, Entertainment Tonight, SyFy, CW and many more. He promises to bring his popular TV tricks to the Sid Williams Theatre. A magical journey that taps into your every emotion. Spidey presents a mind-blowing and hilarious MAKE BELIEVE performance. He’ll astound you with his eerie mental demonstrations bordering on the supernatural! This is not your typical magic act but so much more. You will see and experience things you never thought possible.


US Weekly: “That was the ULTIMATE MAGIC TRICK!”

Discovery Channel: “Ridiculous! Just Crazy!”
Canada’s Got Talent: “You are by far the MOST OUTSTANDING MENTALIST we’ve EVER seen!”
Penn&Teller: “You KILLED us with that trick! BRILLIANT!”
Entertainment Tonight: “He’ll DEFINITELY leave you in AWE!”

Jennifer Lopez: “You’re Awesome!”