In-person audiences suspended until further notice as per the order from BC Public Health Officer's order.

Our box office is open by phone or email Tuesday through Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Streaming FAQ

Ticket sales and streaming of virtual events are done through the streaming platform ShowTix4U. Clicking the "Buy Tickets" button for a virtual event will take you to another website.


What are the system requirements for viewing a stream?

ShowTix4U strong recommends keeping your system as up-to-date as possible with the latest browser version. Below are the minimum requirements.

Supported Browsers for Playback

ShowTix4U supports playback in browsers that can decode H.264 videos in an HTML5 player.

Supported browsers/versions:

  • Chrome 30+ (has automatic updates)
  • Firefox 27+ (has automatic updates)*
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9+

*H.264 video (required for viewing videos) is only supported in Firefox for Windows 7 and later. Firefox versions on Windows XP are no longer supported for playback.

*Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 10, 9, 8, etc) that lack support for the TLS 1.2 protocol and HTML5 cannot be used to play videos. As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft has stopped releasing updates to older versions of Internet Explorer.

Supported Operating Systems for Playback

The ShowTix4U player operates in a wide range of operating systems, but ShowTix4U can only guarantee full functionality on systems that are still being supported by the software proprietors.

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The earliest version of MacOS still receiving extended support from Apple is Sierra (v. 10.12.6), and support for it is rumored to end in September 2019. Earlier versions of MacOS (El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc) are not supported.


  • Android (Marshmallow) version 6.0+
  • iOS version 12.4+

Blackberry and Windows phone users may still able to view ShowTix4U videos on devices that support HTML5; however, ShowTix4U does not test out the player in these environments and thus cannot guarantee support.


How can an event be streamed to a TV?

ShowTix4U streaming is browser based (no apps). If you would like to watch the stream on a television, you can do so using Airplay or Chromecast.

Airplay a video to Apple TV using Mobile Device

With your device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, start playing a video and tap the AirPlay icon in the lower right-hand corner of the player. Just like that, your selected video will begin playing on your TV!

Desktop Computer Airplay

If using a desktop computer, the Airplay icon will not appear in the player, you will want to use the native screen sharing of the computer monitor to stream your entire screen via Airplay or Cast and then put the player in full screen mode.

Cast a video to Chromecast

View the Google Support directions here.

Chromecast does not allow you to cast your screen or tab from an iOS device. For this, ShowTix4U recommends the application Replica.


When can the stream be accessed?

You can start viewing the stream up to one hour prior to the event time, however, the performance part of the stream will not begin until event start time that is listed.


Does a stream have a rewind function?

No, you cannot rewind the stream.


Can a stream be rewatched?

No, the stream is only available for viewing at the date and time indicated.


How can the stream be accessed?

You can access a stream any of the following ways:

1. If you downloaded your ticket(s) from the checkout screen when you made your purchase and saved them to your computer, locate the PDF on your computer and open it. Navigate to page 2 of the PDF and click on the blue text that says "HERE".

2. In your ticket confirmation email, click on the button with the text "Click to Watch Stream".

3. Navigate to and enter the access code listed in your ticket confirmation email.

Please note:
The player will attempt to auto choose the resolution based on your internet speed. If you are experiencing buffering, click on the gear icon of the player and lower the resolution of the stream.


For additional help

ShowTix4U live chat support is available through a popup box on the stream page and the page for purchasing tickets. Click on the popup box and follow the prompts to start receiving support.

ShowTix4U email support for patrons is available through