Moccasin Trek Roadshow

Moccasin Trek Roadshow
The Roadshow is a community variety show featuring Indigenous artists and their talents, including powwow fancy dancing, Metis jigging, theatrical performances, storytelling, and live music. Fun for all ages, the Roadshow travels to bring communities together through Indigenous performance.

The Roadshow is a part of Moccasin Trek: Arts on the Move!, an interactive workshop program which brings Indigenous artists to BC schools. The team on Moccasin Trek are thrilled to bring Indigenous teachings to Comox Valley schools! The Moccasin Trek programs were developed by Full Circle: First Nations Performance in Vancouver, British Columbia.


• Nyla Carpentier: Powwow
• Eloi Homier: Metis Jigging
• Kung Jaadee: Haida Storytelling
• Margo Kane: Performer
• Sister Says
• Barrie "Bear" Nighswander

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