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Utilizing electro-luminescent (EL) wire, fiber optic fabric, black light and other special effects, Rainbow Dance Theatre’s artistic directors Valerie Bergman and Darryl Thomas create a world of wonder! Delighting audiences young and adult with its magic and humour, iLumiDance is a tour-de-force of virtuosic dancing and cutting-edge technology.

The dance emerges on a darkened stage, with set, costumes, and props designed from EL wire, allowing dancers to morph, disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. A computer on the side of the stage, synced to a musical score featuring classical, tango, and modern music motifs, “talks” to the costumes, sets and props so that the dancers and EL wire both dance to the musical score. The audience is transported into a world of wonder and surprises where humans morph into animals before their very eyes, flowers grow to amazing proportions and defy gravity with a balletic “Waltz of the Flowers” variation, and other creatures fall and recover “matrix” style in the blink of an eye.

Constant visual surprises and athletic virtuosic dancing delight audiences young and adult alike!

About Rainbow Dance Theatre

“Deeply satisfying…..combines artful stagecraft with physical prowess…in intricate, balance-shifting acrobatic maneuvers.” - Seattle Times

Rainbow Dance Theatre’s (RDT) ensemble of eight virtuoso dancers transforms the concert stage into a world of mystery, pathos, and humour. Delighting audiences of all ages with its athletic “pull-out-the-stops celebration of … dancing that pays homage to world-dance and world-music influences” (Sheryl Dare, Honolulu Advertiser), RDT’s repertory features modern works with roots in the traditions of many world cultures. Combined with innovative aerial choreography, visually stunning interactive sets, and the latest innovations in fiber optic and electro-luminescent technology, the distinctive choreography of artistic directors Darryl Thomas and Valerie Bergman creates “an exotic feast for the senses” (Isamu Jordan, Spokane Spokesman Review).

Rainbow Dance Theatre is directed by internationally renowned dancer-choreographers Valerie Bergman and Darryl Thomas. Its name highlights its roots in Hawaii, the “land of rainbows”, as well as the ethnic diversity of its company members and the diverse cultural influences in the choreography performed by the Company. The Company celebrates this diversity as well with its virtuosic style that fuses West African Dance, Haitian Dance, Hip Hop, Martial Arts with American Modern Dance. This high-impact, rapid-fire performance style features a rugged athleticism and gravity-defying partnering. 3D backdrops, interactive full-stage sets, and lavish costuming add a unique visual element that transforms the dance performance into an entertaining and provocative theatrical event.