CVIFF 2024 Day Pass - Friday

CVIFF 2024 Day Pass - Friday

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  • Fri May 3, 2024




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  • Day Pass $49

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Presented By: Comox Valley International Film Festival

What is better than one film? Films all day! The day pass entitles you to watch two short film programs - Experimental and Overcome and the feature film Seagrass at a discount.

CVIFF 2024 Short Film Program 1 - Experimental
Friday May 3 at 1:00 pm 96 minutes + Q & A

What’s a film festival without experimental short films! These forward thinking, tongue in cheek, avant-garde films promise new and different perspectives. This programs promises to get you thinking outside the box.


February Sixteen Nineteen Forty-Seven by Jessica Miinguuaqtii
Cinching Saddles by Kevin Sengara, Aman Pannu
Heirloom by Marilyne Lamontagne
The Fox by Martin Garde Abildgaard
Groove, Slam, Work It Back by Amélia Simard
And If You Hear Me by Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve
Pinwheel Horizon by Ian Ebright
This Bitter Earth by Diana Ali Chire
Gentleman Bandit by John Ledingham
Charcoal by Ethan Wingrove
Trees, Birds, Rocks by Lorne R. Kraft

CVIFF 2024 Short Film Program 2 - Overcome
Friday May 3 at 4:00 pm 96 minutes + Q & A

The films in this program stand up and deliver. Life is full of challenges, it's how we deal with them that makes us who we are.


Triage by David Rendall
Sight For Sore Eyes by Trevor Meyer
Dog Days by Carlotta Beck Peccoz
Retour Á Hairy Hill by Daniel Gies
Operation Stuplloyd by Vincenté Kabo Baker
Conviction by Bruce Thomas Miller
Take Care by Tony Massil
Teddy Picker by Alfie Stewart

CVIFF 2024 Opening Night Feature - Seagrass
Friday May 3 at 7:30 pm

Feature length films take us on journeys. Potent and visual stories can make us laugh or cry, they can provoke thought or inspire, and they can transport us to worlds unknown.

*Script competition winners announced prior to feature film.

Feature Film
Directed by: Meredith Hama-Brown

Desperate to find a deeper connection in her marriage after the recent death of her mother, Judith (Japanese Canadian) brings her family to a self-development retreat on a remote island. But when they befriend another interracial couple who seem to have the perfect marriage, Judith begins to recognize how irreparably fractured her relationship is. Meanwhile, their two daughters are plunged into a destabilizing world under the constant stress of their parents’ crumbling relationship. In the end, the family must collectively face their most unnerving insecurities before they become permanently

Shot on Gabriola Island, BC

Rated 14A