Caleb Hart

Caleb Hart
No matter how many changes the music industry experiences, the one thing that always remains, is the power of a passionate live show. Caleb Hart has the ability to bring something fresh, honest and powerful every time he steps on a stage.

A natural born performer since he was a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Hart has been taking his music across Canada and around the world to the Caribbean, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand full time since 2012. Along with racking up over 950 shows in that time, he has also released 5 records, 12 singles, and won prestigious awards from Edmonton Folk Fest, the Western Canadian Music Awards, and more. However, all of the sales, stats, and awards are just the background to Hart’s mission to spread songs of hope and unity wherever he goes. Whether touring with a band or as a solo performer, Hart carries a singular ability to bring the audience together for the show and beyond.

His debut solo EP album "Island Soul" was released worldwide in June 2017, and his debut EP with his band The Royal Youths "OrigiNation" was released the following September. His 6th record "11" with producer Track7 was released worldwide on September 11th, 2019, and 2020 has seen the release of new singles "Crazy People" and "Giving Thanks", and features on Salsahall Collective’s "Make Room" and River Movement’s "Rhythm."

Praise for Caleb Hart

“Once in a while a person’s art, passion and heart intersect in a way that is unusual and powerful. Caleb Hart is on a journey to explore how to really make love the centre of life, community, and of course his music.” - Dave Schenk - EasterFest & Deep Blue Events (Australia)

“Though Hart’s lyrics strayed into the profound, with heartfelt choruses like ‘we don’t wanna live this way anymore,’ the mood never dipped. Within seconds of taking the stage Hart brought the whole room to its feet.” - Brianna Ferguson - Vancouver Weekly